The History

"Times change, but willpower, seriousness and integrity leave lasting marks"

Giuliano Luvisoni, Founder

50 years of experience and relationships

In a field as unique and complex as the wood business, having a solid background is important; ours started more than 50 years ago, in 1966, when I founded G. Luvisoni & Co.
It’s thanks to this long path that we were able to develop and strengthen the relationships and experience that allow us to give our customers the products they want, and expect, at the moment they need it.
In a continuously changing market, our experience permit us to professionally respond to the needs of wood consumers in the traditional sectors as well as distribution and special niches, where we supply lumber sourced from around the world.
In every country that we operate, we’ve established trusted relationships to identify and bring home material that’s legal, traceable and trouble-free.