Welcome to Luvisoni & Co.

Living with wood

In an ever-changing world, our experience and constant presence in the countries of origin are the key elements that allow us to answer with professionalism to our clients needs.

We have been reliable and fast partners for over 50 years.

About us

Luvisoni & Co. is a Company with over 50 years of experience in the trade of lumber that we research and select all over the world.  We provide fast answers and products always suited to the needs of our customers.

Why us

We have the knowledge, expertise and longtime relationships that give us access to the best raw materials. We place our highest level of attention and effort in overseeing the entire process, from stocking to the final distribution.

Our values

We build our work on relationship: within our company, with our suppliers and clients. We believe in people, in their abilities due to their specialization, constant updates and sharing of values and goals.

Latest News

Specific worker training

In recent days, the mandatory five-year update of specific worker training has been completed.Read More

AUA release

AUA release

19th January 2018, has been released for Luvisoni & Co. the Autorizzazione unica ambientale (AUA). Objects of the analysis were domestic waste water, emission into the atmosphere,...Read More


Renewed LegnOK Certificate

Following the positive outcomes of our third surveillance audit on 4th December 2017 the LegnOK Operator Certificate was renewed.

For more details visit the website:...Read More

drying systems

New kilns now working!

An expansion of the kiln drying capacity has been completed by adding two new kilns for more than 100 cubic meters each, raising our new total capacity to over 750 cubic meters.Read More