The future

“It’s exciting for a young person to work in a company that’s always looking towards the future.”
Amedeo Ceschiutti – Sales and Quality Assistant

Always vigilant, studying changing markets

Envisioning the future is the work of today. In our business activity this involves analysis, planning and focused imagination.
It’s the question of how to give more service or value to the wood market through our particular organization. Here, in Luvisoni & Co., we’ve acted on these ideas, evolving today more than ever, vigilant of the continuously changing market trends and production methods sweeping the world.
The wood market, in its various manifestations, remains traditional, but at the same time is in constant development— influenced by sensitivities, fashion and the ability to source the raw material.
How do we see ourselves looking forward? As citizens of the world, while developing new supply sources, and while assisting new customers in Italy and abroad, through an evermore specialized and efficient organization.